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We are a very small operation really, just myself and my co-editor - Taj. Although I trust his judgement implicitly, I personally have done all the setup for this directory as he tends to just lie beside me until he thinks I have had enough and makes me go outside to play ball.

Why the Name?

Well, I read everything the SEO experts have said about how to get to the top of search pages, especially about the importance of domain names, I took it all on board and I came up with TajBoy. It's named after my dog and together we are Barkin' Good Websites. I'm positive I can achieve top ranking very quickly for anyone searching for "Tajboy - Barkin' Good Websites". And I guess that will qualify me as an expert in SEO.

Why a General Directory? Does the world really need another one?

We already had a pet directory and a travel directory for niche purposes. I was happy with the way both they and Deepyalla were traveling and I just happened to win a free 4.1 license from phpLD, I quite like it. phpLD have a new blog which is interesting.

I have no imagination so another general directory it is. I view a general directory as a series of niche directories rolled into one.

The belief is that it is easy to set up a General Directory and make money, is this true?

Yeah well some people seem to do it so they say but it's seems to be a very long hard road to travel if you ask me. Especially if you want to do it properly. Although Tajboy currently has only a small number of categories compared to other directories it took months just to set the basic categories up and every submission means identifying exactly which category it fits neatly into. It requires very pro-active management.

Will you be charging for submisions?

There was a free option but the amount (up to 700 a day) of complete rubbish meant that the option no longer exists. All submissions are reviewed as comprehensively as they can be. I have this fear that I may allow a wrong un, a website that is not as it appears to be included in TajBoy or any of my directories. I simply do not want that to happen.

Featured websites, after passing the review process, will also have a review written by me either in comment style or in the additional information field. If the website is good enough to be accepted, it is sure to receive a good review so hopefully this will add something to their listing.

Will you accept Spam, Keywords in Titles, Keyword stuffing in Descriptions?


Is running a directory time consuming?

Yes, and No. Reviewing submissions and sourcing new entries to enhance each topic can be both rewarding and time consuming.

How will the directory be promoted?

Initially it will be submitted to the various Lists of Directories as they send good traffic. In time I will build up quality backlinks. I have been lucky enough to achieve EzineArticles Platinum status and Gold Author status in a couple of other article directories to that will figure heavily, plus Twitter followers are building steadily.

Where do you see this directory in five years?

In time I hope that TajBoy will achieve recognition for my vision which is "a high PR directory with only the best listings, vigorously edited, highly maintained and recognised by search engines and webmasters as a directory with high editorial standards". Just like Deepyalla.

What do you do in your spare time?

I do whatever Taj says, and he says walk, so we walk a couple of hours a day, plus I play lawn bowls a few times a week and drink alcohol. As I was sick for a few years and couldn't drink I have a lot of consumption to make up. I have come to the realisation that me and women get along just fine on a casual basis. I travel as much as I can and try to write articles about my experiences but am limited a little in what I can do. But Life is great mate.


Bob Lord

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